We finally did it…

Posted on February 14th, 2010 by Thomas.

After dealing with the bird’s nest on elliot’s head, we decided to take him to Bird’s Barbershop, where daddy gets his haircut too.  Christine gave him a great first haircut.

6 Responses to “We finally did it…”

  1. Gilda Kinzer Says:

    What a patient and handsome
    young man!

  2. Gilda Kinzer Says:

    My comment seems to have been cut short….I said he was a very patient and handsome young man!

  3. Grant Chambers Says:

    that’s way cute!

  4. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    Have never seen a little one hold so still and be so patient for a first haircut-amazing! His little Hutchison cousins sure didn’t hold still like that. He is so precious.

  5. Grammee Sammee Says:

    Aw, Elliot. You were so patient and attentive to sit still so long, especially for your very first haircut. I wish I were there. Can’t wait to see and hug the new you. Love you lots, love you always.

  6. sarah g Says:

    he did amazingly well – so patient! great idea for a video, y’all. thanks for sharing.