Vote! Your Favorite Elliot Tweet

Posted on February 26th, 2010 by Thomas.

We’re launching a poll to allow you to vote on your favorite Elliot tweet*.  Vote below.

*If you don’t know what a “tweet” is just pretend it says, “Your Favorite Elliot Quote.”

[poll id=”3″]

8 Responses to “Vote! Your Favorite Elliot Tweet”

  1. marti Says:

    i don’t like that i can only vote for one.

  2. Gilda Kinzer Says:

    I’d like to vote for one but cannot seem to do it.

    I like: Where is my second chance!?!
    I can’t find it!!!

    I love it!!!!!!

    Out of the mouths of babies…..

  3. sarah g Says:

    this was really hard, as you can see, since i have favorited many of his amazing quotes on twitter… (its nice to know that a few of my top favorites were also chosen by others though)

  4. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    I just might have to vote again. We get to do it that way here in Kentucky! I predict there will be lots of Parent-Teacher conferences in your future. He is so funny. Can’t believe someone his age can think all of this up. Precious.

  5. Anne D Says:

    Cisco and I both identify strongly with this one.

  6. Leslie Says:

    These were super funny! It was hard to choose just one.

  7. GTC Says:

    crack’in me up.

  8. GTC Says:

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