On the Old Fall River Line

Posted on November 24th, 2009 by Kymberlie.

This month we all traveled to Fall River, MA to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Eagle Restaurant where my maternal grandfather was one of the orginal owners and chefs!  In its heyday the Eagle was one of the fanciest places to eat in the area.  People would travel from Boston and New York City just to dine there.  My grandfather and his business partners commissioned the architect to design the interior to resemble the Old Fall River Line of steam ships, complete with a dancefloor and stage where live music was played.  Old friends of my mom’s and members of our family came from near and far to participate in the celebration.  Elliot danced the night away (he stripped down to just his pants quite early on), and even joined in the conga line.

Thomas created a gallery for my mom with photos from the evening, links to articles in the Fall River Heral News about my family’s legacy and the new Eagle, and video of a sing-a-long to “On the Old Fall River Line”.  There are lots of awesome photos of Elliot from that night there, as well as a whole lot of photos of prominent Fall River residents (whom we don’t know) who took part in the celebration.

Below are some more photos from the rest of the weekend, including a trip to the New England Aquarium, which was a favorite of mine as a kid.   We watched “Finding Nemo” recently and Elliot has since been pre-occupied with divers and whether or not they are bad for stealing fish off of the reef (which is what happens to Nemo).  We were very lucky to be there in time to watch the divers enter the giant cylindrical tank and feed all the fish.  Elliot’s been playing “diver” ever since and being very specific about whether he’s a “Feeder Diver” or a “Stealer Diver.”

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5 Responses to “On the Old Fall River Line”

  1. Gilda Says:

    What fun it is to watch him grow and learn. Our 5 grandbabies are ages 12 thru 23 and all in or finishing school of one sort or another. The years go by so fast. Your documentation is wonderful!

  2. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    As always, he is so sweet. You have given him some of the most wonderful experiences.

  3. Grammee Sammee Says:

    At least he started out in an appropriate little sailor shirt for the Old Fall River Line. He had a blast entertaining himself and everyone else. Still can’t believe he held on to the string of balloons for such a long time, especially while dancing in the congo line. And the band played on…..

  4. Gilda Kinzer Says:

    The restaurant looks like a wonderful place…. And Elliot is just about as handsome as they come. Enjoy

  5. Indy Says:

    It’s a joy to find somneoe who can think like that