Elliot is famous again

Posted on February 11th, 2009 by Thomas.

Elliot at Austin People's Gallery

Thanks to our phtoographer-friend Deborah Lykins,  Elliot is now featured prominently in Austin City Hall!  Deborah was the recipient of a Austin People’s Gallery award, and her work will be featured there for a year.  She does Halloween portraits of kids in her neighborhood and then sends them to the families.  She has a 10×3 grid of the photos on display, with Elliot featured prominately in the center!  Thanks to Marti, who works across the hall, for finding it!  She’s also responsible for the very nice green circle around Elliot in case you weren’t sure which was him 🙂

Photo by Deborah LykinsIf you want to see a high resolution version of the image, click this one.

Also, I was awarded a spot in the Austin People’s Gallery, you can read about that here.

2 Responses to “Elliot is famous again”

  1. Chubby Skeleton’s Halloween — Elliot Thomas Quong-Charles Says:

    […] photos for their parents.  You may remember Deb’s photos from last year were featured in Austin People’s Gallery at City Hall and Elliot debuted as a giraffe.  Although he was a little more reluctact this year, […]

  2. Mary obrien Says:

    Hey, I kind of like you as a giraffe, too. It’s hard to decide what to be in this world. Keep going. Love, Aunt Mary