Many faces…

Posted on February 9th, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.
Animated Elliot

7 Responses to “Many faces…”

  1. breezy Says:

    this made my whole week!!!! kudos to the webmaster! breezy

  2. Great Aunt Mary Says:

    Hey, Thomas, How did someone like you have such a cute kid?? Just kidding. Anne Marie wants to receive all pictures, etc. She’s at {address removed} (and just who is he sticking his tongue at???)

  3. Great Aunt Pokey Says:

    Thomas and Kymberlie,

    If Kymberlie is as nice as she is pretty, she’s a “keeper”.

    Your baby is beautiful!

    Don’t forget to call me for advice. You know I liked to be called the DI.

    Your mom and dad would be so proud of Elliot.

    Loved looking at the blog but I had to have my friend, Judi, do it for me. She’s going to show me how to find my way back to your site so I can keep up with Elliot’s life and your sleep deprivation.

    Be back to you soon.

    Love, Aunt Pokey

  4. Aunt Patti Says:

    Dear Mom and Dad, A little advice to dad from aka grandma Patti. Keep using the cloth diaper on your shoulder-its more sanitary and sometimes the upchuch will stain and then your clothes will all have a funny color in one spot. I love the video! I hope Elliot enjoys the present I am sending. It looks like it would even keep me happy. He is so beautiful and I would love to hold him. Keep up the good work. Love Aunt Patti

  5. Cousin Chaz Says:

    Love the animation – looks sort of like Elliot is dancing! He really is very adorable.

  6. Cousin Alan Says:

    Another generation. Our common ancestor, my great grandfather and elliot’s great, great, great grandfather, must be pleased.
    His family has thrived in America.

  7. uda Says:

    This is so funny, especially when he sticks his tongue out!

    How dis you do this?