West Coast Tour 2008

Posted on June 14th, 2008 by Kymberlie.

Since we’ve been back from our giant West Coast Trip for nearly a month now, I thought it appropriate to update the blog and post some photos and videos. Just as an aside, one of the reasons we’re so late doing this is because I got very sick after our return home. Long story, but the diagnosis currently is Typhus! My doctor is still conducting blood work to try and figure out the mystery.

In May we spent two weeks on the West Coast, starting in LA for one week then flying up to the Bay Area for week two. The main impetus for the trip was to see my Paw Paw (grandmother in Chinese) who is around 95 years old. Paw Paw lived with us for quite a while after I was born, and then again when my brother was born. She was very much a part of our baby years. I was very excited to introduce her to Elliot. She’s not a woman of a whole lot of words these days, and English is difficult for her, but she communicated in many ways that she really liked him. While she concentrated on the Chinese food that we would bring in daily for her, she would watch Elliot play out of the corner of her eye and occasionally make comments like, “He’s a good boy,” and “He likes to eat!” One very precious moment that we failed to capture on film was Elliot sharing his lady bug bouncy ball with Paw Paw. He would stand next to her wheelchair and hold it in his hands until she noticed him, and then she would take it and roll on the floor.

My mom met us in LA and we were all able to spend Mother’s Day together. It’s always fun to watch my mom interact with Elliot. She’s pretty silly for her age (which is not a day over 40) and Elliot enjoys her a lot. Be sure to look at the video of them swimming together-

Mr. Leo B., the one-year-old son of our dear friends, Adam and Amanda, was our main reason for making the extra trip up to the Bay Area. They live in Menlo Park (near Stanford U.), and coincidentally, so does my cousin, Marilee, and her family. It was nice making a visit to friends and family that also have children because there were toys galore and sufficiently baby-proofed rooms to keep Elliot out of trouble.

While in the area we also stayed in San Francisco with our friend, Rigo, for several nights. We had so much fun at Rigo’s fancy apartment in the Mission, sleeping on his big fancy bed and watching his big fancy TV. He also cooked us the most delicious Mexican meal ever. One unfortunately low-light of our stay with Rigo was a giant accident that Elliot had while we were eating at a sushi restaurant. He was running around outside the restaurant (supervised, of course) and took his biggest spill to date. There was a lot of blood and screaming, and the next day Elliot’s lip was swollen like a balloon. After the initial fall it didn’t seem to bother him much, though, and he’s made a miraculous recovery…you’d never know that a square inch of his skin was missing from his upper lip just a few weeks ago.

There are lots and lots of pictures from this trip here. And the videos below are great! Our next post will likely be on our upcoming trip to Kentucky to see Great Aunt Brenda (Thomas’ aunt), who hasn’t seen Elliot since we was about two months old!

My mom running next to the train at the Travel Museum in LA (very entertaining)[googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4913171263899883687&hl=en[/googlevideo]

Elliot and Mama riding the train [googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1259010501981718369&hl=en[/googlevideo]

My Auntie Rosemary reading with Elliot [googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4122539661108386627&hl=en[/googlevideo]

2 Responses to “West Coast Tour 2008”

  1. Aunt Mary Says:

    Hi, Good to see Elliot again. He’s quite a traveler and has potential to be an Olympic swimmer, if he would only jump into the water. Sorry we won’t see all of you this summer but we will keep up with photos.
    Love from Aunt Mary

  2. Cousin Gilda Says:

    Love the pictures of your handsome little guy! Elliot reminds me of his Great Grandfather Charles and siblings (my Mother included) in several ways. He sure looks huggable!