Trip to Hotlanta for USSF

Posted on July 2nd, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

We just decided to take a last-minute, ill-planned trip to the US Social Forum in Atlanta. Aside from lost luggage, delayed flights, ridiculous traffic, horribly messy diapers during turbulence (Elliot’s, not mine), and navigating 10,000+ activists in downtown Altanta, it was fantastic. All things considered, Elliot was great. He met a ton of new folks, and I was able to juggle work and spend time with old friends, attend workshops, and generally enjoy ourselves. The photos are here.

Allison and ElliotWe spent quite a bit of time with our friend Allison, who was one of the fantastic organizers of the USSF. She also arranged for us to stay in the home of one of her colleagues from the American Friends Service Committee, which was fantastic. Betti was a great host and provided us with our own basement apartment stocked with food (and beer). We were lucky to not have to stay in a crowded hotel with a bunch of our smelly activist friends.

One of my main roles there was as host for our amazing guests from Iraq, Faleh Umara and Hashmeya Hussein, the first woman president of an Iraqi union. We were so lucky to have been able toHashmeya Muhsin Hussein spend time with them. They are both amazing people, passionate both personally and politically(most importantly they both loved Elliot). Faleh, the General Secretary of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Workers Unions would kiss Elliot’s hand and talk about how he missed kissing his own children’s hands (he and Hashmeya were in the US for a month). Even though Elliot would constantly slobber all over Hashmeya’s beautiful hijab (headscarf), she loved snuggling him anyway.

Per usual for these types of things, we came home with tons of conference schwag, including a Che tshirt that Elliot picked himself by drooling all over.

2 Responses to “Trip to Hotlanta for USSF”

  1. Aunt Patti Says:

    Dear Elliot,
    I can’t wait to meet you at Dewey Lake. You may like the water but I don’t go in myself so you’ll have to beg you parent’s to swim with you. Cousin Aiden who is four will surely join you all. I also noticed that you have gained weight since the last blog and look so much bigger. You must love to eat so you and your aunt’s will have a lot in common! See you soon. Aunt Patti

  2. Cousin Gilda in IL Says:

    What good looking little guy! I have a picture of some very little Bacon boys and he looks like one of them!