summer in maine…

Posted on October 17th, 2008 by Kymberlie.

since we returned from our trip to maine, i have found myself characterizing it as “eventful” in a euphemistic sense.  it started out rather unpleasantly with an over-night at JFK airport in new york.  that’s right, even though jetblue let the last plane from NYC to Portland go knowing full well that there were more than a dozen passengers trying to connect to it (including me, traveling alone with a toddler), the fact that we were stuck at the airport at 11pm was not their fault and they would not be offering us a hotel voucher.  thank you, jetblue.  we will credit you with elliot’s first (and hopefully only) experience sleeping on the seats of a sushi restaurant in your JFK terminal, with just barely enough diapers and snacks to last us until we would arrive in Portland the next morning at 9am.

we finally did arrive safely in portland and were greeted by grammee sammee and papi (elliot’s new name for grampy alan), who were very relieved to have us there.  we were relieved too, and ready to play.  except that, it was raining when we got there, and it continued to rain for a week!  so much for playing outside, much less swimming.  luckily, grammee found some adorable froggy rain boots for elliot, which allowed us to introduce him to the timeless entertainment of jumping in puddles.  however, we did not consider that he wouldn’t realized that when the sun was out and he was wearing clean, dry sneakers and pants, that jumping in puddles would be undesirable (to us).

as week two came to close and the sun starting showing its face more often, things started looking up.  we took boat rides, we took a trip to seeds of peace, played at nana’s several times, and finally got to enjoy running around in the woods.  but not so fast…vacation just cannot be so enjoyable!  so, just for mother nature to keep us on our toes, elliot had a seizure in the middle of the night before we would pick up daddy from the airport.  dad called 9-11, the rescue vehicles came to our little camp a mile down a dirt road in rural maine (seemed like forever) and whisked us away to the ER in Augusta.  as it turns out, elliot’s seizure was induced by a high fever (104!) which was induced by an ear infection.  it’s called a febrile seizure and is rather common for children. however, it’s also harmless and causes no long term damage.  by the time we left the ER (at 2am) elliot was running around, waving at nurses, demanding water and ice, and singing “bye bye”!

after reviewing our pictures from this trip, i have to say, i should really start characterizing it by nudity, blueberries, water, boats, and ice cream.  we had a lot of all of these, and in the end, it was a wonderful trip.  as usual, we’ve posted all the fun pictures here, as well as some videos below.

we miss maine!  luckily, we’ll be returning next week for uncle nick and auntie alli’s wedding at saddleback mountain!

Feeding ducks with papi (grandpa):
Elliot driving a boat with daddy:

Good friend Nick Lewin playing with Elliot:

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  1. Aunt Patti Says:

    I really enjoyed the video and seeing Ellliot up and running. Remember he was so little when he was at Dewey Lake. I especially love the toddler legs-so short comparted to the rest of the body. Keeps you close to he ground when you fall! It looks like he has a great life and you two are giving him the space to grow and explore. Love, Aunt Patti ps I know you share my joy with the election-a great day for America.