snot-nose wiggle worm

Posted on November 3rd, 2007 by Kymberlie.

the last six weeks have been remarkable in many ways, however, i will probably remember this period most for the amount of snot we’ve been wiping from elliot’s nose, and the amount of wiggling he’s been doing. yes, daycare has brought both into our lives!

as we suspected, being the youngest baby in his classroom has given elliot the inspiration to move! about three weeks ago he started making forward progress on the floor (for those who aren’t in the know, many babies actually push themselves backwards when first attempting to crawl). once that happened, there’s been no stopping him. though he doesn’t manage to get his belly off the floor, his is surprisingly speedy! what motivates him to move? beer bottles, cats, and um….beer bottles. daddy managed to capture footage of this which can be viewed here.

elliot is also starting to pull to standing, makes valiant attempts to crawl up furniture, and is able to go from laying on the ground to sitting up without assistance. these are no small feats! he puts a lot of effort into these exercises. it is not uncommon for him to work himself into a sweat when playing on the floor. we love that he can move now, however, it has made diaper changes particularly challenging.

we are also beginning to see interesting signs of cognitive development. in the past week i’ve noticed that elliot will clap his hands if he sees someone else doing it, and i’m pretty sure he’s trying to wave. when i pick him up at daycare he stretches one arm out and opens his hand. he definitely knows what “bye-bye” means and gets sad when mommy and daddy leave him for the day. yesterday one of his teachers told us that elliot wiggled to the door when she told him that he was going to take a ride in the buggy. we’re teaching him baby sign language and he seems to have picked up on the sign for milk. when i make the sign for him, he assumes the nursing position…amazing!

while every day seems to bring a new skill, every day also seems to bring more snot. elliot got a runny nose on the second day of day care and, although the drip ebbs and flows, it is a new constant in our lives. we are forever wiping his nose, which he hates. everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of snot…on our clothes, on the play mat, on his toys, on the cats. he rubs the snot onto his face and it dries in his eyebrows or in his hair. sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s yellow, but it’s always there. we’ve added a new snot category to our hierarchy of icky bodily functions. snot falls somewhere between drool and spit-up.

despite the snot, elliot’s daycare experience has mostly been a good one. his teachers are loving and patient. we get a daily report of all the activities he does in a day, what his mood was like, even what he ate and how many diaper changes he had! the other children in his class are cute and funny! we like to play with them at drop off and pick up. one little boy in particular has taken a liking to thomas and runs to hug him every day. at the fall open house we several photographs that they took of elliot during his first weeks of daycare. you can see those and other new photos here.

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  1. Kumar Says:

    Who needs vaccinations when you have daycare to help build immunity? Seeing Amari try to move is hilarious, so I imagine when Elliot is actually moving it would be awesome.