Remembering Cousin Chaz

Posted on April 8th, 2008 by Kymberlie.

Chazz and Kymberlie, 1980On March 31, 2008 my cousin, Alexa “Chaz”, passed away after a battle with cancer. She was my first cousin on my dad’s side of the family, the daughter of my Uncle Skip. As a child, I always thought of Cousin Chaz as very smart and fancy. When I was little she studied theater in England, and taught me how to say words like “garage” with an English accent, which I thought was the epitome of fancy. Most of my memories of her are at my Grandma Freda’s house on holidays and at our camp on Great Pond. We would float in inner tubes and try to catch the tennis balls that Uncle Skip and Dad threw from the shore.

Before Elliot was born Cousin Chaz sent Christmas presents for him that were addressed to “My newest cousin.” In her card she wrote “I can’t wait to me you!” Last May we took a trip to the East Coast and made a stop in Boston where Elliot met all of his Charles relatives, including Cousin Chaz. In her fashion, she arrived bearing beautiful and thoughtful gifts, including a cuddly stuffed elephant and a book of children’s poems. We treasure these gifts and will always think of her when reading them. That visit was short, it is hard to imagine that we will not have another chance to hug and kiss and share family together.

Here is a gallery of photos to honor you, Cousin Chaz. I love you and will miss you very much.

Boston Globe Obituary

4 Responses to “Remembering Cousin Chaz”

  1. Uncle Skip & Aunt Fran Says:

    Thanks for the touching remembrance, Kimber

    We did have good times and can remember wonderful moments!

    She greatly appreciated your calling her shortly before the end.

  2. Aunt Mary Says:

    Kym, My condolences. It is very hard to loose a cousin, someone your age and someone you knew well. I’m sure she was very happy to meet her little cousin, Elliot. He could make anyone smile and feel good.
    Love, Mary O

  3. Aunt Patti Says:

    Dear Kymberlie, I lost a very good friend over a year ago and her spirit is still with me- a remembrance of how fragile our lives are and how precious are our relationships. Alexa will always be very close to your heart as she has touched you in so many beautiful ways. That is one of life’s blessings. My thoughts are with you. Love, Aunt Patti

  4. Grammee Sammee Says:

    I first met Chaz when she was about 12 y.o. when I moved to Maine. She grew up, went away to school and lived in London. She became a fine sophisticated young woman. She held you when you were one week old, at your first Thanksgiving. She held Nicholas when he was 10 weeks old for his first Christmas. Memories of our family times together at Grandma Freda’s home and On Golden Pond will always be wonderful. One day when she wore blue eye shadow you (8 y.o.) and Nicholas (5 y,o,)wondered why she would squish blueberries on her eye lids! We each have our own memories and shared memories of her. And we have the family photos which trigger memories of the good times together. Her SPIRIT will live on.