One month

Posted on March 4th, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

Elliot celebrated his one month birthday (coincidentally also Texas Independence day) with his grandpa, midwives, and a bunch of other mamas and babies at a monthly gathering our midwife organizes. Grammee Sammee reminded us that celebrating your first month of life is a Chinese tradition. Grandpa sang happy birthday and Elliot celebrated by screaming for six hours straight that night. Thus, the end of his first month was marked by the introduction of a pacifier, a gift to all of us…

We had a busy week with Grandpa, visiting UT, Hill Country overlooks, Lake Travis, and the kite festival at Zilker park. We’ve posted lots of new photos here.

He’s now starting to focus on his mobile, which his parents think is a really cool development. He’s also definitely recognizes and stares at us frequently, and occasionally cracks a smile. If only our successes and failures were measured by that bar…

Also, if you tried to look at the videos recently and they were down, we put them back up. Amazingly, the baby blog was getting too much traffic and we almost exceeded our limit, so we had to take them down!

3 Responses to “One month”

  1. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    I love the latest pictures-his personality is showing through! You won’t like this, but in the “Stroller on the way to UT” picture, Elliot looks like a little George Bush. That must be the GreatGrandPa Widman influence.

  2. Michael D. Says:

    Total congratulations Thomas and Kym.

    Wish you both the best (kym you never met me but i’m an old friend of T.C.’s from Humble)..

    Take is easy!
    -Mike D.

  3. Myra Marino Says:

    Hi Kymberlie & Thomas,

    I love the constant updates on baby Elliot. This is the only blog that I make it my business to check out daily. Very well put together and fun to read as baby Elliot progresses. Keep up the good work you two.
    Myra 🙂