Not so lazy days of summer

Posted on July 7th, 2007 by Kymberlie.

Elliot on bed

The month of June seemed to whiz by as our lives got busy and Elliot got more and more active! In addition to Thomas’ project with the Iraqi Labor Tour, I went back to school to start chipping away at my MSW (I started in fall 2006 and took the spring semester off). Having a few hours away from home every week is great, but it has also meant having to find time for homework. I find myself reading in bed late at night after Elliot has fallen asleep. We also hired a sitter for about eight hours a week to watch Elliot while I’m in class. It’s tough leaving him, and especially tough coming home to a teary, puffy-eyed little baby. He’s getting used to her though, and it’s good practice. We’re very pleased and relieved to announce that we were accepted into our first choice daycare, the Austin Community College (ACC) Learning Lab! We were so lucky to get in because they have very strict guidelines for admission to their program. Because it is a teaching daycare for ACC students, the school seeks to get a good cross section of the community into their classroom, i.e. racial and gender diversity are a mandate. Additionally, classrooms are small (eight babies in the infant room), each child has his or her own daily curriculum, and there is excellent supervision on a number of levels. They do other cool things like change the classroom environment as the babies develop, teach vocabulary in English and Spanish, and teach parents how to pack nutritionally appropriate snacks for their children. We LOVE the ACC Learning Lab and are ecstatic that we got in.

We didn’t have any super-big milestones in June, other than rolling over. However, Elliot gets stronger and more coordinated everyday. He almost sits up by himself, and has figured out how to navigate around his Leapfrog saucer. You’ll also notice that the recurring theme of the newest photo album is that Elliot is putting lots of stuff in his mouth. Everything he can get his hands on goes in there. It’s certainly a new challenge for his parents. Despite the record rainfall we’ve also done a lot of swimming and hanging with baby friends. The June 2007 album is here. Next week we’re going to Michigan to meet all of the relatives on the Bacon side of the family. We’ll definitely have another exciting update then!

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