my proudest moment as a father

Posted on September 6th, 2008 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

I thought the day would never come, but Elliot has eaten his first taco (Changos if any Austinites are curious).

And, this moment tonight at dinner brought a tear to my eye- eating salsa at El Chile.  when he reached across the table to dip his chip in the salsa, a woman at the next table yelled, “OHMYGOD THAT BABY IS EATING SALSA!!” That only made me all the more proud…

Eating chips and salsa

3 Responses to “my proudest moment as a father”

  1. Adam Says:

    One small step forward for Elliot, but one big step forward for mankind. I wish Leo, Amanda and I had been there to share in the joy. I’m so proud to see that the next generation will carry forward our hallowed traditions. But was it a BREAKFAST taco?

    Elliot looks massively cute but so much older in these pictures, by the way… Could you guys freeze his development until we see him again, please?

  2. Brenda Turner Says:

    Really enjoyed the family visit in Maine-such a beautiful place. Elliot is so lucky to have so much loving family. He has had more experiences and travels than a lot of adults! It is great. He has changed so much since he was here just this summer. Keep the pictures and stories coming. Love you all, Aunt Brenda

  3. Scott Hutchison Says:

    TC, your little guy is getting very handsome.

    P.S. Whas that a beef or chicken taco?