little love bug

Posted on December 14th, 2007 by Kymberlie.

recently several people have remarked that elliot is beginning to seem much more like a little person with opinions and abilities, than “just a baby.” it’s true that he has become much more coordinated in the past several months. it seems like every time we think we have put up all the physical barriers necessary to keep him safe, he develops some new skill and we’re foiled again! although he does not walk yet, his mobility is incredible. he also pulls up on everything now, and rather than gripping tight with both hands like he used to, he casually waves one arm in the air, reaches down to pick up things from the ground, and even lets go entirely without warning. he can also walk around a standing object and climb up the stairs. all of this movement is nothing short of exhausting for mommy and daddy.

what keeps us going? elliot’s playful and loving personality! he has developed into quite a silly and cuddly kid. his new favorite activity is getting on his pj’s and bouncing, rolling, and flopping all over the bed and us, all the while giggling and sighing with delight. there is nothing quite as precious as getting body slammed by a little 24 lb chubber with gapped teeth and the brightest eyes you’ve ever seen. pre-bedtime is the most fun time at the quong-charles-bacon residence. (actual bedtime is still not much fun…we won’t go there).

other things to know about elliot as a 10.5 month old:
-he gives really sweet hugs
-he says “cat!” although he often mixes up the consonants and it sounds like “tac!”
-he wowed his parents last weekend by going from crouching to standing unassisted and stood for several seconds on his own
-he learned to pick up a cell phone, put it to his ear, and wait for someone to talk
-he clicks his tongue and waits for you to join in, at which point he giggles
-he has a favorite friend at daycare and follows him around all day…we think that’s so cute
-he loves brushing his teeth, and ours
-he will eat poop if given the opportunity. he was presented with this opportunity on the day before thanksgiving, and went to town. if you want more details, email us personally. we do not think all of our readers need to be subject to the story!
-next to teething biscuits, tofurkey jerky is his favorite thing to gnaw on

there are new pictures here, and you can be sure that the holidays will give us many opportunities to take lots more photos in the next few weeks. stay tuned to see what elliot gets for his first christmas!

3 Responses to “little love bug”

  1. Dina Says:

    He is so beautiful! I love these pictures- you can toally see his personality coming through! Lots of love and kissed to Elliot!

  2. Serin Says:

    I love the pictures and the details of what he can do, I want to hear the poop eating story, but I’ll wait on that to get it when I see you guys face to face… any plans to visit DC??

    Much love

  3. Myra Marino Says:

    Hi Kymberlie,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    I just love seeing your mom with Elliott. You can see the love and affection.

    She truly is a proud and happy Gamee. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!