Elliot’s first real food

Posted on July 19th, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

no offense to kymberlie

3 Responses to “Elliot’s first real food”

  1. Adam R Says:

    Looks like this liittle guy is about ready for his first chirimoya alegre helado! By the way, where can I get me one of those round plastic chairs? Looks mighty comfy. For me, I mean, not my baby.

  2. Aunt Mary Says:

    Wow! What we are waiting for, including you folks, does he sleep longer at night. If not you might add a little more beer to the diet. He already looks suspicious of solid foods. Hmmm, are there any pesticides. And how about transfats. Maybe a milk diet isn’t so bad after all. Good luck, Aunt Mary

  3. marti Says:

    i love the nectarine dance. you definitely need more eating videos 🙂