elliot’s 1 week birthday

Posted on February 9th, 2007 by Kymberlie.

it’s hard to believe that one week ago i woke up with a baby inside, and now he’s been out in the world for a whole week…and what a week it’s been! elliot has been a champ at reaching all the important goals like returning to his birth weight (most babies lose a few ounces after being born), making black, then green, then yellow, then orange poop (this is all normal, believe it or not), and peeing 10+ times a day…hooray!

those of you who have babies know that the learning curve is steep and much of the learning is trial by fire. thankfully, elliot is a pretty good teacher and we’re learning his ways quickly. below are a few lessons that we’ve learned (mostly the hard way) about being elliot’s parent’s.

1. the swaddle is magic. we received a few “kiddapotamus” fleece swaddles as gifts and wrapping elliot in them is hands down the best way to get him to calm down…

…unless he’s hungry, of course.

2. when in doubt, feed. i don’t know what i thought nursing a baby would be like, but i really do feel like a milk machine/dairy cow. he eats over twelve times a day (and night)!

3. little boys pee on things. yes, even when they’re tiny infants they will point and shoot and spoil a clean outfit. thomas first learned this while changing elliot’s diaper. i was in the bathtub and all of a sudden heard him saying, “oh no, oh no, oh NO!” elliot even managed to get some in the cap of the rubbing alcohol. at least we know he has good aim.

4. cats like baby accessories. at least our cat does. predictably, mimi has been stealing elliot’s little hats and booties and stowing them away in her food and water bowls (see photo). otherwise, the cats pay elliot very little attention and have even gotten used to his cry. it’s a good thing because i had visions of them pouncing on him as if he were an oversized mouse…or worse. those of you who have lived with lima (our other cat) know what i’m talking about.

Mimi stealing the booties
5. all those plush, u-shaped items comes in handy. before having a baby it’s hard to know what stuff you actually need, and what stuff the baby industry is just trying to convince you that you need. well, you NEED the boppy. holding and feeding elliot is much more comfortable and enjoyable because of it. we’ve also put our neck pillow, the one we got at the brookstone in the airport, to very good use. last but not least, the back rest, commonly also known as the “husband pillow” is tremendously important for middle-of-the night burping. thomas is modelling them below…


5 Responses to “elliot’s 1 week birthday”

  1. Great Aunt Mary Says:

    Kymaberlie, Sounds as though Elliot is “right on target”. I told Anne Marie (my daughter) who has a four year old that Elliot sometimes cries a lot at night. She used Gripe Water which can be bought in the drug store. It’s for ridding of gas which she says is the cause of night crying. Aidan seems well adjusted so it did no harm. Meanwhile, have fund and enjoy. He must be a joy (most of the time).

  2. Cousin Chaz Says:

    Happy one week birthday to Elliot. Sounds like you’re all doing well – glad to hear the cats haven’t determined he’s just a big cat toy.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    I so wish I could be there to help out and see all these milestones. I am so happy for you both and can’t wait to come and help out with burping and changing and rocking and all that good baby stuff. Just have to wait for all those job offers to start rolling in…

    Love you.

  4. Myra Marino Says:

    What a wonderful blog. I’m just loving all the wonderful photo’s of baby Elliott and a parents. Kymberlie you look wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your joy with me and all the other Elliott fans. Again, this is a wonderful blog full of great pictures.

    Happy First Week baby Elliott!

  5. katrina Says:

    such a beautiful baby! congratulations kymberlie & thomas and welcome little elliot!! all my best wishes on savoring every moment of this amazing time. i look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos!!

    ps. i second the idea of burrying the placenta under a newly planted tree. while my parents just planted the tree, no placenta, my siblings & I all had trees that were as old as us planted. it is a wonerful thing to see the tree grow up with you.