Elliot eating

Posted on January 4th, 2008 by Thomas and Kymberlie.


3 Responses to “Elliot eating”

  1. Aunt Mary Says:

    Elliot, It seems that your have very discriminating taste and chow down only gourmet foods. Keep up the good work. Are you blowing on your spoon, or what?

  2. Aunt Patti Says:

    Dear Elliot,
    Isn’t it fun to play with your food? If you don’t like it you can just spread it all over and then bang it with your spoon. Of course if by chance you get some ice cream you won’t want to do this, you just put your face in the bowl/. Bon appetite! Love, Aunt Patti

  3. Myra Marino Says:

    Elliott is so cute and such a happy baby. He reminds me alot of his Gramee.

    Happy New Year!

    Myra 🙂