Diagnosis Perfect!

Posted on June 2nd, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

Beautiful...Today is Elliot’s four-month birthday! And in case there was any doubt, our pediatrician confirmed for us on our four-month visit that he is, in fact, perfect. He’s 17 pounds, 9 1/2 ounces of perfect! He’s grown fast…so fast that he’s already wearing clothes for 6 and even 9 month old babies. It’s amazing to watch him grow and develop. He holds his head up entirely on his own now, and also loves to stand up (with assistance, of course), especially on daddy’s tummy or interesting surfaces like stone walls and smooth counter tops. His coolest trick is to reach out for an object, grab it and put it in his mouth. This takes a lot of concentration on his part and you can almost see the wheels turning in his head (this is very cute). He also babbles a lot, which is so much fun. Elliot tells really good stories. The more funny faces and noises you make, the better the story. And yes, he has rolled over! For over a month now he’s been spending the better part the time on his back making very valiant attempts to do so. When our pediatrician asked us about it, Elliot rolled over right in front of him on the examination table, as if on cue! Our theory is that, since he didn’t have a big bulky diaper impeding his momentum, it was easier for him (he hasn’t quite done it again).

Elliot singing gospel with backup from Kymberlie and AllisonIn addition to all his exciting new skills, Elliot has had a lot of new experiences since our last post. In late April we went to Stubb’s famous gospel brunch with our friends Allison and Jonathan and Elliot even got up on stage and sang with the band. In May we attended three weddings! Congratulations to John and Anita, Tim and Dina, and Nick and Andee. We’re happy to have celebrated with you. Elliot had a ball at all of your weddings. He was probably held by all of your female relatives over the age of 40. Sorry if our presence intensified the push for grandchildren!

First airplane rideWe also made our first airplane trip from Austin to Boston. We were pretty nervous about how well Elliot would handle being in the air for the 4+ hours, but he was fantastic. A little fussing, but nothing we didn’t expect or couldn’t handle. He mostly ate and slept, and even managed to keep a clean (not dry but clean…if you know what I mean) diaper the whole way. We couldn’t have asked for more. In Boston Elliot met his Great Uncle Skip, his Great Auntie Fran, and his Cousin Chaz, as well as our friends Bear, Rux, Addie, Zora, Thomas’ crew of New Orleans friends, and Patti who just became a grandma for the third time to Leo, our friend Adam and Amanda’s baby.Uncle Nick

From Boston we made our way up Maine (Kymberlie’s home state), to spend time with Grammee Sammee and Grandpa Alan and to meet Uncle Nick, Kymberlie’s brother, for the first time. Elliot had a great time with Uncle Nick who was eager to hold, cuddle, and play with his new nephew (changing diapers is where Nick drew the line!). Nick even calls Elliot “Princess,” the nickname Uncle Skip gave to him when he was little (it’s a long story…). In Maine Elliot also met our friend Nate (a roommate from DC and one of the first to know that we were expecting), Madamoiselle Michaud (Kymberlie’s middle and high school teacher), Sarah (Kymberlie’s best friend since kindergarten), Sarah’s parents Peter and Susan, Tim and Jacquie Wilson (of Seeds of Peace fame), Mike and Jennifer Angelone (Grammee Sammee’s good friends), and lots of neighbors. It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it, despite the terrible weather. We hope the next time we head north the temperature will have surpassed 50 degrees and we might get a glimpse of New England sunshine.

First swimCold is something we rarely worry about here in Austin. Since returning from our trip the temperature has been upwards of 80 degrees on a daily basis. The best way to stay cool around here is to visit Austin’s many public pools and swimming holes. So, yesterday we took Elliot on his first swim at Big Stacy pool with other babies that were delivered by our midwives. Although he didn’t squeal with glee (as his mama had hoped), Elliot was very calm and seemed curious about his first swim. We have a video that we will post as soon as we can figure out how to do it (we used a legitimate video camera this time).

Check out the May 2007 album to see the pictures of all of these adventures!

8 Responses to “Diagnosis Perfect!”

  1. Adam Says:

    A very happy 4 month birthday to our Elliot! Looking at the pictures, we can’t believe how much he’s changed and grown in the short time since we were out visiting. He’s one healthy, happy-looking guy. Leo awaits meeting him and learning all those tricks, like grabbing and turning over, from his slightly older buddy.

    Love to all,
    Adam, Amanda, Leo

  2. Aunt Patti Says:

    Hi Guys, I can’t wait to hold Elliott in July. We have lots of rocking chairs so he should be one contented little guy. T.C. you will meet your cousin Kristin this time as she will be home for a well deserved vacation. Kevin will be here also but Tim is off for 4 months to South America in November so he can’t get away. Mary rented a place so there is lots of room for everyone. You have a beautiful baby! Love, Aunt Patti

  3. Dina Says:

    Oh! What wonderful pictures!! Tim and I were so happy that Baby Elliot and mom and dad were at our wedding! My only regret was that I didn’t get to dance with the handsome fella or spend any realy time with him! We hope to visit soon and give him lots of love and we definitely want the titles- Auntie Dina and Uncle Tim!!

  4. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    Thanks for sharing all of Elliot’s travels with us-he will probably be a world traveler like his mom and dad some day. He is more precious all the time and I need to hold him again!
    TC took “swimming lessons” before he was a year old-maybe that is what Elliot is getting ready for. Love to all of you.

  5. Kenne Says:

    I am obsessed with your website and your baby. The work day wouldn’t be half as much fun without Elliot!

  6. Kathryn Says:

    So, now that he is so plane savvy, come visit Auntie K in Chicago! We’ll go to a Cubs game and eat hot dogs!!!!

  7. nancy shantia Says:

    Beautiful guy!
    Alan was so psyched when we saw him after your visit….
    Maybe when you’re in the Northeast again we can stop by and say hi!
    I’m glad Anne passed this on to me.
    Blessings to you all, shantia

  8. Cousin Sarah Says:

    Hi! Elliot is very cute and i can’t wait to meet him! I can’t wait to see you and the baby when we go to Michigan! We wish you could stay longer!!! See you then!!! from, Sarah

    tc-see i’m doing this! sarah is helping me
    we are so looking forward to meeting kimberlee and baby elliot. oh,and seeing
    you too,t.c! love,aunt pokey