busy, busy baby

Posted on April 16th, 2007 by Kymberlie.

Elliot has had a jam packed schedule since the last update. We’ve had a nearly constant stream of visitors who have come to meet Elliot and help his mommy and daddy out. In March our friend Brian Lobel came into town to perform his play Ball at Texas A&M Medical School. We made the big roadtrip (1 hour up the highway) with Elliot to see him perform. Elliot did wonderfully and even managed to see the some of the performance! We also had a visit from Uncle Adam and Aunt Amanda who came all the way from San Francisco. They’re expecting their own little baby next month so we made sure they got a crash course in infant childcare. On the same weekend Thomas’ friend Dave made a surprise stop in Austin and got to spend time with Elliot, too. On Easter Sunday our DC friends, Matt and Mary Kate, arrived for a few days. The highlights of that visit were a trip to Waco to tour the Dr. Pepper factory and to find the Branch Dividian compound (think David Koresh). Both were anti-climatic, although we did eat some delicious Dr. Pepper treats. Matt also taught Elliot to dance like Elvis. Check out the video here. Elliot also had his 2 month check up at the pediatrician this week where we learned that he is now 14 lbs 5 oz and 24 inches long!!! On Wednesday the 11th the three of us attended Austin’s march for immigrant rights at the Texas capitol. Then on Thursday Elliot’s Great Aunt Brenda came from Kentucky to meet him. It has been wonderful to have a seasoned grandma in the house. She has 13 of her own! With Brenda we have visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the Laguna Gloria Sculpture Garden where I attended our friend Andee’s bridal shower. Finally, we attended a reunion of our childbirth class where we met the four other babies whose mamas learned to be birthing warriors.

As always, you can see pictures of all of our adventures in the new album “March and April 2007”. There’s also an adorable video of him playing on his jungle mat here

We’re headed East next month and hope to visit with those of you in Maine and Boston. We’ll also be attending three weddings in May so check back to see photos of Elliot in the most adorable little formal outfit that I found for $1.59 at Goodwill!

3 Responses to “busy, busy baby”

  1. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    Just want to wish Kymberlie a very happy first Mother’s Day. Hope Elliot rewards you by sleeping all night. He is a lucky baby to have such a sweet Mama. Have a great Day Kymberlie

  2. Myra Marino Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Kymberlie! Baby Elliot has a better social life than I do. I have to meet with him and find out what his secret is. 🙂 Have a grand weekend and Mother’s Day. Hi Thomas! Don’t want to leave you out. Allison told me that she visited you both. I can’t wait to see pics of that gathering. Bye for now.

  3. zainab Says:

    i’m so sad i missed you all in maine!
    i had no doubt that little elliot was a wonderful and charismatic baby (all the pictures of him shamelessly flirting!!), but after hearing nate gush (to the extent that he gushes) about elliot’s delicious chubbiness and his ‘sweet’ demeanor, i’m convinced that elliot has magical powers.
    hopefully i’ll be in maine in august and then he can steal my heart too.