breakfast tacos and baby

Posted on February 23rd, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

This last week was pretty fun. Elliot had a variety of new experiences…Kymberlie’s dad got into town last night. Elliot hung out in his first tattoo parlor (he was fixated by all the designs) and went to a Barack Obama speech (Elliot wants universal health care!), as well as the opportunity to see his aunts Marti and Sanaz say their vows. There are a lot of pix here. We posted other videos of Elliot hanging out with our neighbors Sofia and Diego (Diego is the 2nd cutest kid i know…). Sorry for all the low quality videos, i’m getting very tempted to buy a video camera…
I have been a little concerned by the nicknames i’ve been unintentionally calling him, they seem to be following a disturbing pattern. For example, here are three:
1. Little breakfast taco

2. Little burrito

3. Little falafel

I’m not sure what this says about me, him, or our relationship. Any pop-psychologists want to offer up an interpretation?

3 Responses to “breakfast tacos and baby”

  1. Marti Says:

    i will loan you my video camera next time i see you. i probably won’t need it back til the next time i try out for amazing race 🙂

  2. Adam Says:

    Here are some more ethnic food nickname suggestions: little empanada, little udon, little donut, little chaat, little dumpling or the related (Nepalese) little momo, little inari, little helado (chirimoya alegre, of course, unless he’s grumpy and becomes a mora crema), little dolma, little pierogi, little pupusa… hmmm, now I got myself hungry and have to go eat. See ya…


  3. Dave Hill Says:

    it means you want to eat your baby