Posted on July 25th, 2008 by Kymberlie.

we have had so much baby excitement in the last few months that it seems appropriate to write an update. also, elliot learned how to say “baby” recently, which makes it really cute when we’re visiting our newborn friends.

on june 9th our friends jane and mike atha welcomed their little girl, elodie sky. elodie is the cousin of jane july, who just turned one a few weeks ago. we attended her pool party. on july 5th sean james halloran was born to our dear friends suki and neil who were present for elliot’s birth. sean really threw us all for a loop, causing suki contractions for a month, breaking her water 48 hours before actually coming out, and holding on tight until the very end. we were very lucky to be among the first of his visitors and he is absolutely precious. i’m also bursting with delight share that one of my dearest college friends is also pregnant and due on new year’s day 2009! it’s crazy that just two short years ago we knew almost no one with children, and now so many of our closest friends have become parents!

in other elliot quong-charles news, our little booger bear (his daddy’s new nickname for him) is talking up a storm. most people can’t understand him, but we can. to help out those of you who will be seeing him in the near future, i thought i’d provide a quick translation of some of his most important words and gestures.

baby= bay-BEEEEE (rocking an animal or baby in his arms)





water=ah-wah (agua)


stop=stah (gesturing in sign language at the same time)

outside=die (pointing to the door)



milk=nye nye (Chinese for milk)

ball=bahhhh (which is also what he says when he sees a sheep)


money=money! (there’s no mistaking this one!)

he also says, “WEEEEE!” when he sees or hears the word slide, “BEEP BEEP!” when he sees or hears the word car, and points to his bottom if you ask if he made a poo-poo. and, if you ask him to be a dog, cat, monkey, snake, sheep, or wolf, he knows how to make those sounds. i think this is all rather advanced for his age. perhaps he has a future in voice-over acting, cartoon narration, or ventriliquism!

see the june and july photos from jane july’s 1st birthday, auntie sanaz’s 30th birthday, and our trip to mckinney falls!

(At aunt Sanaz’s birthday on lake travis)

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