a walking, talking bundle of fun

Posted on April 28th, 2008 by Kymberlie.

Bluebonnetssomehow almost four months have passed and we haven’t been able to find the time to send out a regular old update about your favorite little cherub. i was sorting through photos and found that we had ones from january that hadn’t made it on to the baby blog yet! today i put up two new albums: january-march 2008 and march & april 2008, plus a special Texas bluebonnets gallery. there are tons of photos, so i hope you enjoy them!

well, in case some of you hadn’t heard, elliot is officially a toddler! he started walking on his own about a month and a half ago, although now it seems like forever! to mark this new development we went to the shoe store and got him a brand new pair of big kid shoes that have real soles and velcro and everything. we get a lot of comments on his very trendy, bright green, bowling style kicks.

his mobility has changed so much of our life. on the one hand, we have a little more freedom now. we can all hang out in the yard together, thomas and i can do little tasks in the garden, and elliot will entertain himself for a while by pushing his wagon or picking up little rocks and throwing them in the vegetable beds. on the other hand, if we’re outside our gate, he’s in the road before we know it!

uncle nick came to visit for a week during my spring break and we took him to several state parks to check out the texas outdoors. be sure to look for photos of elliot and his uncle at pedernales falls and longhorn caverns.

my spring break was also marked by a rear-ending accident while we were exiting the major highway near our house. thankfully none of us were hurt but sadly, i had to say goodbye to my cherished old honda accord, orna (yes, i named her in college), and we set out in pursuit of new wheels. to our satisfaction we are now proud owners of a 2006 jetta tdi which we are trying to run on bio-diesel as much as possible.

the latest tricks: elliot uses sign language a lot now. he also started using verbal language just in the last couple of days. he says, “more” and “uh-oh!” and “agua” pretty consistently. it’s quite exciting. he has also realize that he can sit on things by himself, so he seeks out a little perch almost anywhere we go…it’s really cute! recently he started picking up on body parts and can point to nose and ears. and, if you request a kiss now, 50% of the time he’ll pucker up and wait for you to lay one on him. About 25% of the time he’ll lean over and lick your face. The other 25% of the time he’ll completely ignore your request!

be sure to check out the following videos, too!

This one needs no caption:


Elliot and his uncle nick:


3 Responses to “a walking, talking bundle of fun”

  1. Brenda Turner Says:

    The bluebonets gallery of pictures with mom and friend is so precious. Elliot is getting so many wonderful experiences-such a happy little boy. I wish I was able to spend time with him.
    Love to all of you, Great Aunt Brenda

  2. Grampa Alan Says:

    Nice toddling, Elliot. I can’t wait to toddle around with you come August.

  3. Grammee Sammee Says:

    Seven more days before I get to see and play with you. It will be wonderful for you to meet your great grandmother (Paw Paw) for Mother’s Day. Four generations together. She’ll think you’re baby Kimberlee!