2 weeks down

Posted on February 16th, 2007 by Thomas and Kymberlie.

Yes, he turns 2 weeks old at 9:05PM tonight. This week has been pretty eventful, and we’ve posted some new photos here. I also highly recommend the animation I spent way too much time making recently. The link is here. Those are actually sequential photos.
Some milestones this week:

1. Umbilical cord fell off. We put it in a little envelope. Any suggestions on what to do with it (or for what to do with the Placenta in our freezer)?

2. He gained a whole pound in a week. I guess a whole milk diet will do that.

3. I have stopped using a spit-up towel on my shoulder when i burp him. He misses anyway, and it give me a good reason to change clothes at the end of every day.

4. First trips out of the house. Thankfully, the car puts him right to sleep.

4 Responses to “2 weeks down”

  1. Great Aunt Brenda Says:

    Save Elliot’s cord in a little bottle or special box and put it with the other “treasures” you will give him some day-report cards, first hair cut clipping, baby teeth, first outfit, etc. I have all of those things and many more from Kari’s firsts.

  2. Cousin Gilda in IL Says:

    Beautiful wonderful little guy! I love to look at the pictures!

  3. Great Aunt Mary Says:

    Hi, At last we saw Elliot’s eyes open. He sure is cute. Can’t wait to see him in person. You both look quite good for having a two week old baby. Enjoy. Great Aunt Mary

  4. Kathryn Says:

    I have heard that some people will bury the placenta and plant a tree on top of it. Now, my brother made fun of his friends who had their “own tree” but I think it is a lovely idea. I guess it is supposed to ground them to their birthplace. Anyway, just a thought. Give him a big kiss for me!